Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Meet Ed

I'm sure everyone has come across one of these weird ads by the Royal Opera House:

"Superheroes really do wear tights"--Okay... kind of cute.

Now, I understand the need to be sexy to attract younger crowds, and the Royal Ballet is overall doing a much better job than some other major companies in terms of reaching out to a wider audience and making ballet "hip" to a certain extent, but I'm not sure about comparing Edward Watson, one of the most talented male dancers in the UK today, to a rhino, of all animals.... I wonder what Mr Watson thinks about this campaign.

A few days ago the Royal Opera House just launched a new campaign in cooperation with Youtube, though . I thought that was clever and promising. But this whole half-face close-up thing is not necessary (you can see Mr Watson's face on the Youtube site as well, the same image from the superhuman poster).

You'd think that American Ballet Theatre, usually media- and tech-savvy, would be the first to use Youtube for marketing purposes, but it turned out to be the Royal Ballet. Meanwhile, the Paris Opera Ballet has been quietly showing clips from their shows on their website for a long time now.

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Lieke W. said...

I feel the Rhino comparison is quite good, since it made me, as a non-expert on ballet, think about how his body is his profession, how his strength is his everything ..
Then again, superhuman would not have been my first choice of wording...